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A Greenhold is a type of Sylvaneth settlement. These static settlements are found across the Mortal Realms and most Sylvaneth Clans are based out of one of them.[1a][2a]


Age of Chaos

During the War of Life many great greenholds and enclaves for the Sylvaneth were targeted by the monstrous mortal and daemonic followers of Nurgle and the Great Horned Rat. Those of the Springleaf Glade, the survivors of whom would become the Winterleaf Glade, suffered the attention of Nurgle's forces more than any other.[2c]

Age of Sigmar

In the wake of the Age of Chaos, there are some Sylvaneth Clans that choose to eschew permanent settlementation within the greenholds and instead choose nomadic lifestyles.[2a]

Known Greenholds