Green Gulch

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The Green Gulch is a great ocean that boasts a vast underwater forest located near the Everspring Swathe in the Realm of Ghyran. To the Idoneth that call it home it is seen as a sanctuary, while the Sylvaneth inhabitants see it as a vital place of power.[3a]


Following the Necroquake and numerous raids by the Guethen enclave, Skaven submersibles and bilgeships of the Empress of Coryza seek the hidden enclaves as do Slaaneshi seekers and Soulblight agents of Nagash. [2a]


The undersea arboreal and kelp forests of the Green Gulch are home to a number of civilizations including the Prime Enclave of Briomdar, as well as a number of smaller Idoneth enclaves including Dwy-Hor, Elgaen, Guethen, and Túrach.[1a][2a] The kelp forests are tended to by a collection of forest spirits known as Naereids.[3a]

Flora and Fauna