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The Greedmouth is a massive Realmgate that connects the Ghurish Heartlands of Ghur and Prime Innerlands of Shyish. The Shyishan side of the portal is an immense whirlpool in Taker's Reach.[1b]


Age of Myth

Legends say that, in the Age of Myth, Behemat was able to beat Gorkamorka in an eating competition by traversing the Greedmouth Realmgate to Shyish in order to eat the gheists of the monsters that Gorkamorka ate.[2a]

Age of Chaos

In the Age of Chaos the Plaguefleets of Nurgle used this Realmgate, along with the Sea Maw and Black Nihil to invade the northern lands of Shyiah's Prime Innerlands.[1a]

Age of Sigmar

At some point the Ivory Host of the Ossiarch Bonereapers claimed this Realmgate and have used it to expand into the Ghurish Heartlands.[1b]