Great Gutfort

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Great Gutfort.

The Great Gutfort is the stronghold of the Meatfist Mawtribe, where the mighty Ogors return to after every successful raid, located on the Thondia landmass in the Ghurish Heartlands.[1b][1b]


The Great Gutfort is an immense Ogor feast-hall fortress built from a mountain’s worth of boulders hauled into place within central Thondia. It is continually shrouded in pungent smelling smoke which rises from the countless fires where Butchers are forever searing meat at all times of the day. The Great Gutfort is the stronghold of the Meatfist, most dominant of all the Ogor Mawtribes.[2a]


The Battle of Ice and Gold was fought before the gates of the Great Gutfort. The conflict began not long after the Boulderhead Mawtribe, led by the recently returned Braggoth Vardruk, defeated and absorbed the Bloatpaunch and Eyegougers Mawtribes. The Boulderheads hoped that their newly swelled ranks would be enough to overwhelm the Meatfist Mawtribe who ruled over the Great Gutfort.[1a]

But Globb Glittermaw, Overtyrant of the Meatfist Mawtribe, would not easily kneel to the self-proclaimed Frost King of the Boulderhead Mawtribe. He rallied no fewer than five Mawtribes to aid his own and the battle that ensured would be costly for both coalitions. The sheer magnitude of dead Ogors forced both leaders to agree to a cease fire, neither gaining the decisive victory they craved.[1a]


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