Great Epochs

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Great Epochs: Age of MythAge of ChaosAge of Sigmar

The Great Epochs were three ages the Mortal Realms have gone through.

Age of Myth

For more information see: Age of Myth

The Age of Myth started when Sigmar awoke from drifting in the void and explored each of the Eight Realms, overcoming monstrous beasts and finding enclaves of primitive humans. Sigmar taught these enclaves many things and in turn they worshipped him. Within a few generations these hunters wielding flint-tipped weapons ceased wandering and erected great cities. Sigmar would eventually come to find and awaken many other gods.[1]

These gods grateful to be awoken or saved, pledged to aid Sigmar and the nascent civilizations, creating a brief utopia. This utopia was challenged many times by Chaos but the strong union of the people and their gods, repulsed these invasions. Only when the Great Alliance failed did Chaos manage to set a foothold on the Mortal Realms and the Age of Chaos began.[1]

The true history of this age has long been lost. Fact and tale of this era are difficult to discern, as myths and legends are most of what remains. The glory of that age can still be glimpsed through relics and ruins, those that weren't destroyed by the followers of Chaos or hidden away by the gods.[1]

Age of Chaos

For more information see: Age of Chaos

The Age of Chaos began when Sigmar's Great Alliance faltered to betrayal and Chaos managed to establish a foothold in the Mortal Realms. So devastating were the first invasions they would be later known them as the Red Century. Great armies were raised to fight off chaos but they lacked the union to successfully achieve this, as none of these powers could trust each other out of fear for further betrayal.[1]

Even through the Chaos God Slaanesh was missing, the united forces of the Chaos Gods conquered the realms, destroying empires, cities, civilizations and annihilated their histories overnight. Under Chaos the realms returned to their savage states, filled with cruelty, enslavement and despair and erased enlightenment. So complete was their dominion over the realms that the forces of Chaos began to fight amongst themselves for the spoils of their victories.[1]

Halfway through this age the enemies of Chaos suffered a disastrous defeats and Sigmar lost Ghal Maraz. Sigmar retreated to the Celestial Realm and sealed the Gates of Azyr, retiring to his celestial palace-city and not seen again for centuries. The only great city to survive through this age was Azyrheim, sheltering many refugees from besieged realms, and its gate was the last of Azyr to close.[1]

Age of Sigmar

For more information see: Age of Sigmar

The Age of Sigmar started when the Sigmar, after centuries of preparation and marshalling his strength, sent his Stormcast Eternals all across the Mortal Realms to wage war on the forces of Chaos. Every available warrior chamber of the Stormcast was sent to secure the Realmgates, an event that would be called the Realmgate Wars.[1]

The Stormcast sought alliances with the besieged armies, seeking to reunite the old alliance from the Age of Myth, and a strong unified front in every region of the Mortal Realms against Chaos was born. The Chaos Gods, realising that total victory had escaped them, sent countless reinforcements from the Realm of Chaos to fight against the unified front that resisted their complete dominance.[1]

After many tribulations the Realmgate Wars ended with Order resurgent. After the battles for the All-Gates, specially in Ghyran, many Cities of Sigmar were built.[2]