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Gork and Mork 01.jpg
Titles The Greenskin God[6]
The Great Green God[6]
The Great Hunter[6]
The Roaring Beast[6]
He Who Is Cunning But Brutal[6]
He Who Is Brutal But Cunning[6]
Domains Destruction
Type Elemental deity
Status Active
Aspects Gork
Bad Moon
Gulping God
Hungering Predator
Home Ghur
Affiliation Destruction
Followers Beastclaw Raiders
Gitmob Grots
Moonclan Grots
Spiderfang Grots
For the divided aspects in the World-That-Was see: Gork & Mork.

Gorkamorka is a two-headed, club-wielding brute of a god that had to be fought to a standstill to respect the will of Sigmar. Later he rebelled, making it easier for Chaos to take over the Mortal realms.[1][2a]

Gorkamorka is the mightiest of all deities worshipped by the greenskins. When he feuds he splits into the god of ferocity, Gork, and the god of trickery, Mork. When the two gods are united in purpose they turn back into Gorkamorka.[2a]


Spiderfang shamans believe that long ago a great spider bit Gorkamorka and became infected with the power of Gorkamorka becoming a fell arachnid aspect of the greenskin god.[4a] Moonclan shamans believe that Gorkamorka once tried to eat the Bad Moon while on a rampage. He failed, breaking his teeth and sending it falling onto the Mortal Realms, becoming the mountains the Moonclans now inhabit.[4b]

Age of Myth

Sigmar found Gorkamorka trapped within the amber mass of Drakatoa, the living avalanche that ruled Ghyrria in the Realm of Beasts. With the help of Dracothion, Sigmar managed to free the greenskin god and drive back Drakatoa.[2a]

Pleased to be freed and infuriated for requiring aid he attacked Dracothion, knocking him senseless in a single blow. Sigmar was moved to ire and attacked the two-headed god. The sheer destructive power of this twelve-day battle shook the Mortal Realms and created the Mountains of Maraz and the Gouge Canyons. This battle drew many beasts, as sunwyrm and shaggoth stood side-by-side agog at his fury and destructive power.[2a]

Eventually the two gods grew tired, observed their ruined surroundings and the audience of monsters, and laughed. Seeing a god that could match his own battle-lust, he clasped Sigmar's hand and agreed to fight alongside him.[2a]

The God-council requested that Gorkamorka led his greenskins into the wilds of the Mortal Realms and battled the monstrous beasts and other innumerable threats, keeping their belligerent nature satisfied.[2b] During his role of monster-hunter he cleared the Ghurland plains.[2c]

The Great Waaagh!

Eventually, the god grew tired of orders and laws and eventually snapped. He bellowed a deep-throated "Waaagh!" and started a massive crusade of greenskins that trampled cities, armies and monsters from one end of the Mortal Realms to the other. An event that would be known as The Great Waaagh!. After he reached the World's End, he turned around and did it all over again and smashed rebuilt civilizations from his last round of devastation. This Waaagh! ended when the tribes of greenskin, mired with internal squabbles, fractured Gorkamorka into two beings and succumbed to infighting.[2b]

Age of Chaos

The Ironjawz believe that during this period, Gork grew angry that the dark gods were trying to enslave or eliminate the greenskins in the Realm of Ghur. His fist, easily the size of a continent smashed again and again into the Wildheart crushing Dreadforts into the ground. Left behind was a fragment of knuckle bone that was seared away with green fire to reveal the hulking megaboss now known as Gordrakk, the Fist of Gork. Gordrakk himself never denies that this is true. [5]


  • Bad Moon: There are many that believe Da Bad Moon worshipped by the Gloomspite Gitz, especiall Grots of the Moonclans, is an aspect of Gorkamorka. The Moonclans themselves believing it was once a vast rock bitten by the Twin-Headed God and imbued with their power.[8a]
  • Godstompa: There are many tribes of Gargant who worship Gorkamorka as the Godstompa, an immense entity who commits great acts of kicking and stomping. Some even believe the Godstompa is just two yellow-nailed feet, the Gorkfoot, who is stompy but kicky, and the Morkfoot, who is kicky but stompy.[7a]
  • Spider-God: A fell arachnid aspect of Gorkamorka worshipped by the Spiderfang Grots. Their shamans believe this god was born when a great spider bit the foot of the Greenskin deity, while he was stomping across the realms. The god didn't notice the bite but the spider became infected with Gorkamorka's power, becoming an aspect of the savage god. The big bosses of the Spiderfang are blessed by this deity after a lifetime of licking venomous crawlers and some say this has turned them more spider than grot. They invoke these blessings to enhance the poisons of their minions. Arachnaroks are the living incarnations of this deity, coming out of their bone-filled pits when the Spiderfangs need them.[4a]
  • Sun-Eater: An aspect of Gorkamorka worshipped by the Firebellies cults. This aspect was born when Gorkamorka hunted down sun and ate part of it giving himself the ability to spew flames from his mouth. The Firebellies follow this legend and try their best to replicate it.[4e]


Gorkamorka is everywhere. He’s in the wind and the rocks and the howling of the beasts. Gorkamorka is in us and beside us and around us. Hammer God never understood Gorkamorka, never saw. Gorkamorka wants to fight forever, but the Hammer God doesn’t. Hammer God wants to build walls and towers and castles... But what’s the point of that if you never knock them over?

~ Gordrakk to Zephacleas.[3]


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