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Grave Coins are any of a diverse number of coins that were interred among the dead throughout Shyish, becoming imbued with necromantic energy from the Amethyst Magic laced soil they were buried in or from the corpses they laid upon.[1a]


Throughout the Realm of Shyish many cultures developed funerary rites in which coins were placed with the dead. These coins would be variably placed upon the eyes, atop the tongue, in a fist laid over the departed's heart, or in the soles of their shoes. As years march on these coins become Grave Coins, imbued with necromantic power from prolonged exposure to the dead or beneath Amethyst Magic soaked soil.[1a]


Throughout the Realm of Shyish many ethereal Psychopomps accept Grave Coins as payment in exchange for ferrying souls across the Realm's many seas. Necromancers also seek these coins out as they can take the power from within the coins.[1a]

Due to the necromantic energies within them, these coins slowly drain the life from mortals that have them. In spite of this they are still coveted as a currency and in some circles it is a highly sought after one.[1a]

Other Uses

Some people use grave coins as charms to ward off the undead.[2a]

Exchange Rates

The value of these coins can fluctuate depending on the supply and demand of whatever region of Shyish a trader finds themselves in. But on average a clipping of a Grave Coin is worth a Drop of Aqua Ghyranis, a singular Grave Coin is worth a Phial of Aqua Ghyranis, and ten Grave Coins is worth a Sphere of Aqua Ghyranis.[1a]