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The Grand Conclaves are the meritocratic and democratic ruling bodies of the Free Cities and Great Cities of Azyr, each modelled after the Lords of the Heavenhall, the Grand Conclave organized by Sigmar himself to govern Azyrheim, the capital of Sigmar's grand civilization.[1a][2a][3][18][34a] Each Conclave is meant to represent every race, station, and enclave within the city, with its members elevated based via various means. Though not all Conclaves live up to these lofty ideals.[1a][18][34a]


These governing bodies are composed of many councillors, whose roles vary depending on the city's needs, and who hold lofty titles that empower them to oversee various aspects of the city's governance. Conclaves tend to be led by heads of state, commonly known as Patriarchs or Matriarchs.[1a][10][22a]

Each member of a Conclave has specialized duties, such as High Arbiters who maintain law and order, Magisters who oversee arcane matters, Prime Commanders who serve as overall commanders of their cities' militaries, and many others.[1a][11a][20a]

The councillors of the Conclaves are aided in their duties by lower-ranking bureaucrats, government officials, arbiters, scriveners, and scribes. The duties of these lesser officials can be just as manifold as their superiors, ranging from simple paperwork to helping organize relief aid for refugees.[20a][25a][26][27a]


The size of each Conclave and the positions held by its members vary from city to city, though the ultimate goal is to reach at least two-hundred fifty-six active members.[1a][2a][34a] These delegates are meant to represent the dizzying diversity among the Free Peoples that live within the city they govern.[11a] Freguently, Lords of Sigmar's Stormhosts have been known to sit on prominent seats of the Grand Conclaves.[15a][17a]

Members of the Grand Conclaves are elevated to their positions through a variety of means, but traditionally they are elected to their positions based on personal merit.[1a][18] Though on numerous occasions members have been elevated to their positions by decisions of an existing Conclave, a higher authority in Azyr, or the God-King himself.[1a][2a][12] In some cases titles pass onto hereditary heirs.[6a]

Though most members of the Grand Conclaves originate from the countless cultures of Free Peoples that call the Cities of Sigmar and Great Cities of Azyr home, any denizen of a city can be elevated to a position on the Conclave. Representatives of the Stormcast Eternals often hold prestigious positions on Conclaves, those cities that maintain a Skink Embassy will often elect a Skink to act as Star-Speaker, and in the city of Settler's Gain many Lumineth sit on the council.[15a][20a][32a]

Responsibilities and Powers

A Grand Conclave is the governing body of a Free City of Sigmar's Empire. A Grand Conclave must govern and represent the peoples within it, ensure that said city is following the decrees put forth by the authorities in Azyr, and put forth policies and laws to maintain the stability of the Free City.[1a][10][22a]

To this end, each member of the Grand Conclave has a title and office that bestows upon them certain responsibilities and powers. For example, it is the duty of all High Arbiters to oversee that law and order is maintained within their cities and they are given a variety of governmental authorities to do so, whereas the city's Magister presides over all matters arcane.[1a][2a][11a]

It is the responsibility of the Grand Conclave to regulate and reinforce trade routes, establish government contracts to procure goods needed by the city, maintain and organize the military forces within the city and its territories, negotiate and maintain alliances, organize Dawnbringer Crusades, regulate industrial districts, and determine policy on countless other matters of state.[1a][10][12][19a][23a][24a]

The decrees and edicts made by the Lords of the Heavenhall in Eternal City of Azyrheim and the Stormrift Conclave of the Twin-Tailed City of Hammerhal can shape the policies of not just their cities but the policies of the entirety of Sigmar's Empire. Such as when in the Time of Tribulations they were given responsibility for determining the future of the alliance between the empire and the Temple of Khaine. They ultimately chose to make the alliance permanent.[10]

Offices and Staff

Each Councillor of a Grand Conclave is supported by a staff of administrators and officials who aid the councillor in all that they do. The staff of a Prime Commander can be relied upon to make and maintain records of the supplies given out to the city's Freeguilds as well as documents detailing military logistics and recruitment.[31a]

Conclaves of Note

Lords of the Heavenhall

Where once Azyrheim had been ruled by a senate with representatives from the many and varied factions within the city; in the Age of Chaos many were corrupted by the Dark Gods of Chaos and a bloody civil war began on its streets. In its aftermath, Sigmar himself slew those he considered guilty, whether they were tainted by Chaos or simple hatred, and decreed the creation of a new government.[1a]

The Lords of the Heavenhall became the first Grand Conclave to ever be established, tasked with governing Azyrheim in Sigmar's stead. It is comprised of two-hundred fifty-six members each given a title and command by the God-King himself.[1a][2a][3][14c]

The Lords of the Heavenhall are responsible for interpreting Sigmar's will and ensuring it is carried out across every aspect of life in the Eternal City of Azyrheim.[14c]

Grand Conclave of Hammerhal

The Grand Conclave, sometimes known as the Stormrift Conclave[10], governs over the Twin-Tailed City of Hammerhal and is perhaps one of the most important within Sigmar's vast demesnes. Not only does this council of 244 members govern over the city of Hammerhal, which is a vast metropolis built on both sides of the Stormrift Realmgate, but it also directs the armies of Order all across the Mortal Realms in their wars against Chaos and Nagash. The council is comprised of Duardin, Aelves, and Humans who represent every major faction within the city, as well as representatives from the other factions of Order, and ambassadors from other great cities of Order. They assemble and govern from the Aqshy side of the city.[4a]

Of the 112 members of the Grand Conclave selected from Hammerhal Aqsha, a full half are members of Azyrite noble houses. Despite this many powerful dynasties of Aqshian origin have risen to high acclaim in the city. The most famous being Houses Taladin, Vanx, and Naffir, all of whom had had members who acted as Master Patriarchs, or Matriarchs, of the city.[14a] One of the most well-known members of the Conclave is neither Azyrite nor Reclaimed, but rather the Stormcast Lord, Aventis Firestrike, who has long served as the Magister of Hammerhal.[15a]

The Council of Twelve is a sub-body of the Grand Conclave of Hammerhal, whose members are directly chosen by Azyr, that is responsible for directing the relations between Hammerhal Aqsha and Hammerhal Ghyra, the two halves of the massive metropolis. These lords are selected by the authority of Azyr .[4a][28a]

In addition to ruling over the city of Hammerhal, the Stormrift Conclave is responsible for directing the military efforts of Sigmar's Empire all across the Mortal Realms in their wars against Chaos and Nagash.[28a]

Fleetmasters' Conclave

The Fleetmasters' Conclave which serves as the governing body of Misthåvn, a floating city of cobbled together armadas and rafts, is compromised largely of the leading Fleetmasters of the city and an assortment of unscrupulous types. Though they are nominally responsible for ensuring the decrees of Azyr are carried out, more often than not these scoundrels are more interested in participating in the ever-shifting politics that shape the currents of power and commerce in the city.[14d][22a][29a]

It is not unheard of for meetings of the Fleetmasters Conclave to take place in the House of the Grey Swells, the finest building atop the city's finest raft. Here the dealings of the city are determined by games and deals rather than the grand debates and voting that are the hallmarks of other Grand Conclaves.[29a]

Nevertheless the Fleetmasters' Conclave has its own code and laws that all who participate within it must abide by. Violence is forbidden within the meetings of the conclave and interference in the high-stakes games of the Fleetmasters, even if done by a third party, can have dire consequences.[29a]

Known Positions and Titles

Common Positions

Regional Positions

Positions on the Stormrift Conclave

Internal Conflict

Conflicts often erupt between the groups and subfactions that represent a City of Sigmar's many Free Peoples, though only rarely does it descend into bloodshed. Instead, such conflicts play out in the governing body of the city, with bribery, blackmail, filibustering, and politicking of all sorts plaguing nearly every Conclave.[11a]


  • Earlier sources claim that there were 244 Lords of Heavenhall, rather than 256.[1a]