Gotho Orran

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Gotho Orran was a powerful necromancer in the Underworld of Lyria. [1]


He became obsessed with gaining immortality and began stealing the souls of others to prolong his life, attacking travelers and caravans in the west of the Lyria. The city of Glymmsforge and nearby minor kingdoms raised an army to deal with him, laying siege to his temple lair for many days. [1a]

Nagash himself then intervened, having been angered by the necromancers attempt to escape death, turning the undead against their master and allowing the living to triumph. None saw Gotho fall, but the lair was destroyed and a mausoleum raised to honour the fallen. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

He possessed the Amethyst Stave which allowed him to draw out the souls of the living. [1a]


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