Gothghul Hollow (novel)

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Gothgul Hollow
Gothghul Hollow cover.jpg
Author(s) Anna Stephens
Cover Artist Svetlana Kostina
Released 2020
Pages 276
ISBN 978-1-80026-609-4

Gothgul Hollow, Tales of Mhurghast is a novel by Anna Stephens set in the Realm of Shyish and part of the Warhammer Horror series.[1]

Cover Description[1]

The Hollow. A lonely Shyishan town, obscured amongst wild moorland, inhabited by folk of vigilant routine. What remains of the once illustrious Gothghul family endures season upon season of monastic isolation in their castle on the hill. Aaric Gothghul, made callous by loss, shuts himself in his study and broods over arcane texts, while his strange and formidable daughter wanders the forests alone.

But when the town is threatened by a spate of sinister manifestations, the quiet formality of their days end. Worse still, the upheaval disturbs a terrible family secret – a chilling memory that Aaric has kept buried for twenty-five years. Now, father and daughter must set aside their differences and search for answers to an ancient curse that is somehow linked to their past. Aided by a straight-talking sharpshooter and a shrewd man of faith, they seek to fathom the forces that assail the Hollow.


This page contains spoilers for: Gothgul Hollow

When a unknown beast begins to murder townsfolk, Edrea Gothghul, daughter of Aaric Gothghul, the hero of the Bonesplinter War and the Siege of a Thousand Nights and Runar Skoldofr, professional sharpshooter and gun-for-hire seek to end the murders.

As they uncover the mystery, they find it leads to a legendary figure from the World-that-Was.