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Gorstane Mortevell is the Abhorrant Archregent of the Vertigon Flesh-Eater Court. He is known to his subjects as the Bright Emperor.[2a]


Mortevell is a fervent believer in Nagash, who he sees as a benevolent, fatherly god. He has commanded his vassals to build scores of corpse-fane temples of flesh and bone and to carve the benevolent face of Nagash the Father into the mountainsides for all to see, which have had strange effects on the natural magic of the region.[1a][2a]

Those of his vassals who do not share his dedication to his god often find themselves sidelined in the complex feudal hierarchy of the courts. Of note, the Ghoul King Varshorn, though a loyal retainer, found himself charged with watching over far Starfang Mont for his reluctance to join the Bright Emperor in his fervour.[1a]


Age of Sigmar

  • Mortevell ascends to the throne of Vertigon through what he and the other abhorrants believe to be masterful politicking, but in reality his rise consists mainly of violence towards his rivals. Once secure in his rule, he commands the construction of numerous shrines to Nagash.[1a]
  • Mortevell grants King Varshorn Starfang Mont. Though a prosperous fief, its isolation means that the king is no longer able to irritate the emperor with his questions about the propriety of his expressions of faith.[1a]

War of Light and Death

  • When the Ossiarch Bonereapers under the Mortarch Arkhan the Black invade Ymetrica, Mortevell pledges the Vertigon Court to his banner. Despite his misgivings over Varshorn's heretic leanings, Mortevell grants him the honour of leading the Vertigon forces in the campaign against the Lumineth city of Elthondu. Varshorn's efforts during the campaign earn him the friendship of the Ossiarch commander, the Boneshaper Xaramos.[1a]
  • As the Lumineth begin to enact a strategy to deny the Ossiarchs raw materials, Xaramos begins demanding a bone-tithe from the Vertigon. Mortevell preaches that the demands will be met, and orders the corpse-fanes brought down and his subjects turn over their possessions to his god's warriors. He also sends out hunting parties to bring back the bones of beasts and offers up heretics and blasphemers for the tithe.[1a]
  • At the Battle of Mount Avalenor, Mortevell leads the charge of his vassals. He destroys a Spirit of the Mountain by tearing off its ritual mask, but is soon hurled from the mountainside by the magic of Hurakan Windmages.[2b]


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