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Portrait of Gorslav the Gravekeeper.

Gorslav the Gravekeeper is an Undead creature who tends to Ulfenkarn's corpse-gardens.[1] It is unclear is Gorslav is a singular being or a gruesome collection of necrothurges operating in Ulfenkarn, but he is notorious for never speaking.[4]


Age of Sigmar

After Ulfenkarn's purge of the city during the events of the Necroquake[1], Gorslav the Gravekeeper was responsible for emptying out Ulfenkarn's Corpse-gardens, burying alive the living and bringing back the dead as part of the city's Ulfenwatch.[3]


Gorslav has mastery over the winds of death and commanding control over Deadwalkers.[4]


  • Bone mask[4]
  • Gravekeeper's Spade: both used as a weapon by Gorslav and a tool for resurrecting corpses.[4]


'When ye hear the scrape, scape, scraping of Old Gorslav on his walk,

The only sound he makes, for he ain't one for talk,

Flee then, fool, and hide away, and hope he don't come take,

And bind your arms and drag ye off to bury ye awake.'

Hymn about Gorslav the Gravekeeper[1]




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