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Koghos Khul and his Goretide.

The Goretide is a Bloodbound warband led by the Mighty Lord of Khorne Korghos Khul. These man-eating Khorne Bloodbound number an entire nation and from the distance they look like a ocean of blood flooding the battlefield. Their armors are colored in deep reds and brass, both colors deeply associated with Khorne.[1][4a]

Of all the Bloodbound warhordes in Aqshy, the Goretide is the largest by far.[2]


Age of Chaos

  • Korghos Khul seized control of the Goretide after breaching the Tower of Wrath.[3a]
  • To survive the daemon onslaught in the Great Parch many of the tribes join the barbarian hordes that serve Khorne. The first amongst these is the Goretide led by the champion Korghos Khul. This horde quickly increases in number, by giving their captured foes the choice of dying or participating in a dark cannibalistic feast.[4a]
  • The Goretide toppled the Scorched Keep and afterwards went on a rampage that soaked the Blisterfell Peak and Carbidium red with the blood of it's people.[3a]
  • Led by Korghos Khul, they conquered all the land between the Vostargi Mont and the Vitriolus Reach, and renamed the southernmost region of the Great Parch as Khul's Ravage.[4a]
  • They ransacked the Isles of Gaitan and extinguished the ever-flaming pagodas with the blood of the warrior monks that guarded it.[4a]
  • They raised the Jagtooth Fort with bone masons and their legions of slaves to protect the southern coast of the region named after their leader and his slave routes.[4a]
  • After these conquests they started to build the Red Pyramid of Khul, a structure made of a million skulls of the tribe north of the Brimstone Peninsula.[4a]
  • Because of the frequency of his battles so much blood was spilled that the land between the Brimstein Hearthlands and the Flamescar Plateau formed lakes of blood and the ground became tough, cracked and brown, now renamed as the Scablands.[4a]

Age of Sigmar

In the Battle of the Brimstone Peninsula the Hammers of Sigmar, led by Vandus Hammerhand attack the forces of the Goretide in the Brimstone Peninsula. Korghos Khul is defeated and banished at the Red Pyramid and the Jagtooth Forts are demolished and the region secured by the Stormcast.[4a]


Whenever the Goretide captures their victims and foes they give them a choice, participate in a dark cannibalistic feast that occurs every eventide and join their legion or die.[4a]




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