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Map of Golvaria.

Golvaria is a large landmass located in the north of the Great Parch.[1a]

It's surrounded from the north and east by the Searing Sea and the Wretch Sea from the south. It borders Vitrolia through the Vendetta Bridge on the south west and the Flamescar Plateau and Aridian on the south east.[1a]


Age of Myth

As the Aspirians trade with the smiths of the Direbrand Tribe and the Duardin of Vostargi Mont for magical weapons and grow jealous of their power. Golvarians try to disrupt the trade routes, by making an alliance with the tribes of Vitrolia and cross the Skyheim Peaks to attack their caravans with tides of skeletons. But the Aspirians are prepared and the merchants of Bataar buy the allegiance of the Vitrolians and their turn on a critical moment. Golvaria becomes the butt of jokes and humorous tales in the Great Parch and they gain a deep and abiding grudge. In response the Aspirians send powerful undead-hunters to drive out the Golvarians who retreat to the Isle of Ghouls.[1b]

Age of Chaos

After the Red Feast, Daemons of Khorne invade the Great Parch and the tribes of Golvaria and other regions are forced to battle them. Many of these tribes turn to worship of the red gods to survive the slaughter or sate their savage lusts.[1b]

Selpher Zaronax, the Hand of the Everchosen, rises to prominence in north-east Golvaria by driving off the unquiet spirits from that land.[1b]


Many varieties of fruit-bearing citrus trees grow in southern Golvaria, especially around the Free City of Hallowheart. One type common in the area is the Churl, whose fruit is cold when removed from it's peel in spite of the heat.[4a]


Some of the known locations on this landmass are:

Of its coasts there are a few sets of islands, like:

Sigmarite Strongpoints


Golvaria is notable for its necromancers; in the Age of Myth they used tides of living skeletons as their army.[1b]

The north-east was once inhabited by unquiet spirits but Selpher Zaronax drove them off.[1b]