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Gold is a precious metal that is mined all across the eight Mortal Realms and coveted by many of the mortals that live within them.[1a]


In the Realm of Chamon gold is more common than wooden timber.[1b]


Gold, like most metals, is acquired by mining it from the Realms.[1a]


Craftspeople of countless cultures from all across the Mortal Realms have long made use of gold when crafting jewellery, decorating weaponry, or even in architecture.[1a] Due to the sheer abundance of gold in the Realm of Chamon it is extensively in crafting, with even mundane items having gilded filigree or decoration.[1b]

Usage As Currency

Gold is utilized as currency in many different forms across the Mortal Realms. One common way gold is traded as a currency is in the form of bullion, typically ingots and kilobars.[1a] Another widespread method is minting gold into coinage.[1a]

Known Gold Currencies

In the Black Marsh Barony there is a form of gold known as Torope Gold, harvested from the excrement of great turtles in the region, that is accepted as a currency.[2a]

Gold is shaped into coins of all manner of shape and size. Among the most well-known are the Comet[4a] and Torope-Chaw[2a]. Other coins known to have gold in them are the Gold Dinar[3a], Doubloons.[5a]


In the Cities of Sigmar an ingot of bullion gold is typically worth around one sphere of Aqua Ghyranis, which serves as one of the most popular currencies in Sigmar's cities, whereas a thin kilobar of gold is worth roughly the equivalent of a phial of the life-giving water.[1a]

In many Chaos aligned cities, such as Carngrad and Nochseed, grains of gold are one of the many forms of currency traded among the lords and merchants of the cities.[6a]

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