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Godsworn Overlords are the masters of Chaos Hordes who direct the myriad Chaos Cults that form their Horde based on their whims.[1a]

Path to Glory

How a Godsworn Overlord chooses to walk the Path to Glory, and the aspect of the Ruinous Powers – if any – that they swear themselves to will ultimately define the composition and tactics of the warbands under their control.[1a] Regardless of their origins, a Godsworn Overlord is in constant competition with their rivals, seeking to prove their might and secure the divine favour that comes with their position.[1b]


Not all Godsworn Overlords are Chaos Lords that have risen from the rank of common Marauder. Depending on the type of Damned Legion or Chaos Horde, a Godsworn Overlord can differ greatly in nature. Below are examples of the types of Godsworn Champions that can lead a Chaos Horde[1c]:


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