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Gnawbreach is one of the many Warren-Cities of the Skaven Under-Empire scattered across the Spiral Crux of the Realm of Chamon.[1a]


Once the city of Durenberg, capital of Metallurgica, was a haven for pioneering inventors, then the Skaven conquered it and transformed it into Gnawbreach, a hotspot where of Skaven weapon-science where the foremost Arch-Warlocks of Clan Fizzik, Clan Shyvik, and Clan Nibbolt test their latest warp-powered weaponry. Much of these are tested on the hordes of flesh-devouring Mordants who besiege the city, trying to reclaim their ancient halls.[1a]


The original inhabitants of Durenberg were displaced by Skaven of Clans Skryre and have since devolved into flesh-eating Mordant hordes, that desperately seek to reclaim their fallen halls.[1a]

The Skaven that now reside within the city, which they renamed Gnawbreach, use it as a testing ground for dangerous and deadly warpstone powered weaponry. The clans Fizzik, Shyvik, and Nibbolt are known to operate in the city.[1a]


The city of Gnawbreach is built into subterranean halls.[1a]