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Gnarloaks are a species of carnivorous tree native to the Realm of Ghur. It is well-known, and feared, by all those who choose to journey through the wilds of Ghur.[1a][2a]


A Gnarloak is a member of a predatory species of tree native to the Realm of Ghur that more resembles a bundle of twisted, muscular limbs than other trees, with mottled bark, and leaf-like clumps sprouting from a horned crown. They have sharpened branches that they can move to impale anything that approaches, barbed vines to ensnare prey, and monstrous maws in their trunks to consume them.[1a][2a]


A Gnarloak is a cunning predator, capable of making itself look like a dormant or dead tree, waiting silently for prey to approach.[1a] They can uproot themselves to search for prey, using thick roots as limbs. Despite this they are slow and easy to avoid, though all creatures must eventually sleep and this is when many stalking Gnarloaks strike.[2a]

The most oldest and ancient of the Gnarloaks have gorged upon so much blood that it no longer sates their hunger and have grown so vast and slow to hunt prey. Instead, they stop roaming the forest and send their roots deeper and deeper into the realm's crust to drink the oily lifeblood of Thondia itself. These roots tear open caverns and form walls as the roots twist and branch. This has created a cavernous underworld beneath the Gnarlwood known as the Root-halls. These root-halls have their own ecosystems with predatory beasts living inside and the sound of liquids traveling through the roots pound like a beating heart. These Gnarloaks are still capable of seeking prey, while too large to hunt they are capable of sending vines and parasitic creepers that could drag victims to the walls where they are slowly devoured.[3a][3b]



The Gnarloak is a prolific species found far and wide across the Amber Realm. The ones that reside near Talaxis in the Gnarlwood are larger and more aggressive.[2a]

Usage by Mortals

There are many experienced hunters who have been known to bind and tether Gnarloaks around glades, before leading enemies into them. Unleashing the carnivorous trees on their unsuspecting foes.[2a]

Despite their dangers these trees are seen as a precious resource. Their wood is excellent for creating the foundations for treetop shelters as well as crafting tools such as arrows, javelins, and various implements useful for surviuval.[2a]