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Gluhak is an ancient Beastlord, known for a brutish appearance that hides a cunning mind.[1]


He was born many centuries ago before the Age of Sigmar on the deathbed of a fever victim. He managed to hunt down the elder beast Brondtos during a week-long hunt, using traps, poisons and well-organised hunting sortie, using his mutated giants to hack away one of its horns. He then consecrate it in the name of Nurgle, dragging it up to the Profane Tor and fashion it into a brayhorn called the Dirgehorn, so powerful is its sound that even the Plague Lord will hear it. He tells his tribe that sounding the horn without the permission of Nurgle will cause its blower to sink into the loam permanently, which is a lie, but not one done out of jeaously, but rather a desire to personally pervert the life forms in the Jade Kingdoms.[1]


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