Gloomspite (novel)

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Gloomspite Novel Cover.jpeg
Author(s) Andy Clark
Cover Artist Francois Coutu
Released 2019
Pages 366
ISBN 978-1-178999-021-8

Gloomspite (novel) is a novel by Andy Clark that depicts the onslaught by the Gloomspite Gitz on the city of Draconium.


This page contains spoilers for: Gloomspite (novel)

When the leader of the Swords of Sigmar Mercenary Company dies due to a malefic artifact he manages to communicate a warning that the Moonshadow brings death to Draconium and the remaining members look to warn that city. In the city itself, strange nightmares plague the sleep of the citizen, anger builds, brutal murders take place, and people disappear as Captain Helena Morthan struggles to discover the source of the growing madness. [1]