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King Gloomheart, Lord of the Yearning Court is a Abhorrant Ghoul King [1a]


Gloomheart does not recall much of his past and lives in a state of ever present delusion where he travels atop his solar dragon Pyrosis. He crusades across the mortal realms looking for the monster that wounded him and took his memory not realising that the monster is himself. In his travels he has searched the Nightlands, Wraithwyrds and Gallowdeeps, slaughtering and consuming many great beasts.[1a]

In the Realm of Ulgu, he found Urglom, a lone survivor of the daemonic purge of the Spyrglass Warrens.[1b]

Entering the once verdant Realm of Ghyran his court found nothing but rot and they grew close to starvation. Luckily his scouts discovered an approaching army and following the ambush of the horde of Lord Hadrak Darkfist on the Rotwood Road which passed through the Banewood, all the court fed well. Rather than merely devouring the chaos champion, he turned him into one of his own. [1b]


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