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Glimmerings are the native currency of the port city of Excelsis, perhaps the greatest bastion of Sigmar's empire in the Realm of Ghur. Glimmerings are harvested from the Spear of Mallus, a mountainous sigmarite shard of the World-That-Was. They usually come in the form of either crystalline chips[1a] or vials of vapor.[5a]

Magical Properties

The prosperity of Excelsis is largely tied to the Spear of Mallus and the Glimmerings harvested from it, for within each piece of that mountainous crystal burns the power of pure prophecy. Much insight has been gained from carefully studying the prophecies gleaned from glimmerings.[1a] Consuming glimmerings can grant the imbiber knowledge of future events, prophecies, and secrets, but not all of them are accurate and some may have been better left unknown.[5a]