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Glimmerings are the most widespread currency used in the Free City of Excelsis, the greatest bastion of Sigmar's Empire in the Realm of Ghur. Glimmerings are harvested from the Spear of Mallus, a mountainous shard of Sigmarite that detached from the Mallus.[1a][5a] Each contains within it unbridled celestial energy.[8a]


Age of Sigmar

During the Time of Tribulations demand for accurate prophecy increased radically, as many began to see it not only as an avenue of profit but a necessity for survival, and as a result Glimmering shards tripled in value.[7a]


Glimmerings are known to come in a variety of forms. Typically they are traded in the form of crystalline shards, chips, or slivers.[1a][6a] Though they've also been known to be distilled in vaporous form and contained in crystal vials, allowing for easy ingestion.[5a]

A small Glimmering shard grants its user a small, often trivial image of the future. Whereas a fist-sized chunk will reveal unto the user many prophetic visions of futures that have not yet occurred.[8a]

Magical Properties

The prosperity of Excelsis is largely tied to the Spear of Mallus and the Glimmerings harvested from it, for within each piece of that mountainous crystal burns the celestial power of pure prophecy.[1a][8a] Much insight has been gained from carefully studying the prophecies gleaned from glimmerings.[1a] Consuming glimmerings can grant the imbiber knowledge of future events, prophecies, and secrets, but not all of them are accurate and some may have been better left unknown.[5a]

Side Effects

Using Glimmerings to glean the future can be addictive and many Excelsians will consume the Glimmerings they make, in hopes of seeing a glimpse of a fortuitous future. This addiction can become as devastating as any other.[2a]


The Free Peoples of Excelsis use the prophetic powers of Glimmerings for both profit and safety. With their aid the fishing guilds of the city can trawl the sea for great hauls of fish while avoiding the dangers of Ghur's oceans. The leading figures of the city also employ Glimmerings to determine when the Realmgates of Thondia are safest to use.[8a]