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Glades are the closest equivalent the Sylvaneth have to nations or empires, though the nature of the sylvaneth means that they are as much extended families as political entities. Every member of a glade descends from a common origin and has their own traditions and culture. Glade members hear their glades' Spirit Song more keenly than that of other glades, meaning calls for aid are more readily answered by sylvaneth of the same glade than by outsiders.[1a][2a]



A glade is led by its Regent, a Treelord Ancient who bows only to Alarielle and her direct representatives. Some of the greatest regents of the glades have been active since the Age of Myth and their leadership and personalities have greatly influenced the natures of their glades.[1b][3a]

Below the Regent are the various leaders of the glade's Clans.[2a]


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Clans are close-knit kin from common birth groupings. They are led by Noble Spirits - usually a Treelord Ancient of less advanced age than the regent. The number of sylvaneth in a clan can vary widely, with the smallest being a few dozen Forest Folk and the largest outnumbering smaller glades. Clans usually take a name from sylvaneth racial memory, and its members adopt this clan name as part of their own.[1b][2a]

Most clans live in one of the Sylvaneth Enclaves, but some are nomadic. Some small glades contain only a few clans, but the largest glades have hundreds.[2a]


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Every glade has a number of enclaves under its control. While they can vary wildly in both size and design, they are all meant for a vital purpose: protecting the soulpod groves that ensure the future of the glade. Small heartglades might contain only a single clan, while large greenholds could contain dozens.[1c][2c]

Known Glades

When Alarielle was reborn in the early Age of Sigmar and called a war council, seven glades were sufficiently large and influential for their regents to be part of the Royal Moot that advised the Everqueen. An unknown number of smaller glades also populated Ghyran and, to a lesser extent, the other Mortal Realms. Over the ages, some glades have gone extinct and others have sprung into being. On occasion, glades thought long dead have been found hidden away - a joyous occasion for all sylvaneth.[2a]

Major Glades

  • Oakenbrow: The First Glade, sown in the earliest days of the Age of Myth. Ancient and just envoys of the Everqueen.[3a]
  • Gnarlroot: Keepers of much hidden lore. Said to be nearly as old as Oakenbrow, though far more reclusive.[3a]
  • Harvestboon: Youngest of the major glades, first sown in the Age of Chaos. New shoots showing the possibility of a brighter future.[3a]
  • Ironbark: Stoic and stubborn, greatest of those glades whose primary holdings lie outside Ghyran. Longtime allies to the duardin of Chamon.[3a]
  • Winterleaf: Once the most populous glade, now embittered by their losses during the War of Life.[3a]
  • Dreadwood: Vicious and merciless killers of all who would desecrate the woods. Even other glades tread carefully around them, for they ally with the mad Outcasts a little too freely for comfort.[3a]
  • Heartwood: Worshippers of Kurnoth. Courageous hunters and warriors. They eagerly welcomed the Kurnoth Hunters and hope to one day revive their fallen god.[3a]

Defunct Glades