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Giraldus was an ancient vampire lord and scholar who had continued to fight against the forces of Chaos through the Age of Chaos and into the Age of Sigmar.[1]

Menuasaraz-Senuamaraz-Kemurzil considered him a foppish fool and worse, a third rate scholar.[1a]


At the court of Nagash he had favoured the ornate armour of a grand noble [1a], he still wore it in his campaign against the Chaos invaders, festooned with medals and icons. His face was also invariable heavily made up but despite this and his smooth skin, his antiquity was obvious. [1b]


As a mortal he was a king on the Kharvell Steppe in the Age of Chaos [1a] having been born in the shadow of the Nomad City. However when the lords of that city asked that all the nearby lords help defend them against the forces of Khorne, he did not heed the call – as he was already seeking sanctuary in Realm of Shyish. [1b]

Having established himself in the realm he built a great mountain sized fortress of bone [1a] and when in turn the Chaos came to the land of the dead, he resisted through the rest of the age. He used powerful magic’s to set his great castle adrift from the Realm, allowing him to hit and run with it on a grand scale. Yet by the Age of Sigmar it was near ruined and his army a ghost of its former self. [1b]

Near the beginning of the new Age, he was visited by Menuasaraz who needed information on the Crucible of Blood in the ruins of the Nomad City. Together they decided to try and take the Realmgate for themselves, bringing their combined armies to the Crucible [1b] where they fought both the warriors of Khorne and the Stormcast Eternals. [1c]

At the last, he realised that Khorne was influencing them through the Realmgate and with Menuasaraz he fights the horde of manifesting deamons to give the Stormcast time to close the gate, sacrificing himself and his army. [1d]


Forgive me. I have no love for the Blood God, Menuasaraz. If you’ve found a way to hurt him, I would be glad to help. What do you want to know.

~Giraldus to Menuasaraz.[1b]


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