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Ghyrochs are massive shaggy beasts cultivated and employed by the people of several Ghyranite Free Cities.[1a][4a]


Ghyrochs are immense, flat-headed shaggy beasts that greatly resemble cattle. They have stony hooves and their flat-heads are crowned by branch-like antlers. Their hides are also known to be covered in moss-like hair.[1a][5a]

The scent of blood and presence of Chaos taint is deeply disconcerting to these creatures, and they will become deeply troubled and panicked by the presence of either.[1a]


Herds of Ghyroch can be found grazing in those vast, grassy lowlands of the Jade Kingdoms that have been freed of the taint of Chaos and Death.[2a][3a]


The people of Hammerhal Ghyra, Greywater Fastness, and the surrounding regions employ Ghyrochs as beasts of burden. Most notably they are employed by the Freeguilders of Hammerhal Ghyra to transport equipment and supplies during long campaigns into the Hexwood and Nevergreen Mountains. The supply wagons they pull will often include casks of water, gunpowder, crates of munitions, and artillery pieces.[1a][4a]

Some sellswords based in Ghyran use Ghyroch-hide armour.[4b]

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