Ghurish Titanox

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The Ghurish Titanox was a legendary herd-beast, some claim it is the ancestor of all Rhinoxen that was slain by Grawl Meatfist, a Gutbuster Tyrant.[1a]


Age of Myth

Grawl Meatfist was a Tyrant who had grown so large and ravenous that no normal beast could sate his appetite, so he set out to find and kill the Ghurish Titanox. Their battle lasted for several days, until at last Grawl used his glaive to slice open the beast's belly and pulled out the Titanox's innards, which Grawl then shoved into the beast's mouth. It is this act that earns Grawl the favor of the Gulping God, an aspect of Gorkamorka worshiped by Ogors of the Mawtribes.[1a]