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A Seraphon Ship falling into the Realm of Ghur with its two moon, Koptus and Gnorl Half-Eaten in the background.

The Realm of Ghur, also known as the Realm of Beasts, is one of the eight Mortal Realms. A realm of untamed savagery where only the strongest can hope to survive.[1a][8e]


Arrow of the Hunt

The Rune that is used to represent the Realm of Ghur is the Arrow of the hunt, and it is a fitting icon for the wildest of all the realms, straight forward and unswerving. The peoples of Ghur will often carry bows or projectile weapons as their primary armament.[24] [25]


Realm of Ghur.

A reality of titanic monsters and primordial savagery, the Realm of Ghur is a place of conflict and wildness. The embodiment of hunger, brutality and the survival of the fittest, Ghur is a realm of life, but not in the same way as Ghyran. No, it represents life in competition with itself, the strong seeking to dominate the weak, predators hunting their prey and in turn being hunted themselves. For everything is both predator and prey. Gargantuan beasts clash with one another for the right to mate, carnivorous flora seek to ensnare animals the size of castles and grow tall on the blood of the slain, their roots drinking deep of the life fluids.[24] [25]

Even the lands themselves seek to conquer one another. Mountains slowly grind across the land, seeking to dominate the earth below, all the while the forest upon their slopes dig their roots ever deeper, in an attempt to consume the mountains.[24] [25] Some even believe that Ghur had already been overtaken by a bestial animus when the realms were created. [29a]

Ghur is composed of a near-endless string of jagged continents, each awe-inspiring in its primeval splendour. [24] [25]


The peoples of Ghur are straightforward, pragmatic and adaptable. Called Ghurites, they prefer to deal with any situation head-on, casting aside subtlety and guile. Ghur has more tribal peoples then any other realm, breeding mighty warrior cultures and fearsome warriors who revel in the thrill of battle rather than fear the possibility of death. Many Ghurites are also skilled hunters and trackers able to tame or kill a beast, for the hunt is beloved much as a matter of sport as it is of survival.[24] [25]

In the more civilized places, the people of Ghur tend to use whatever materials that are at hand for there settlements. Which usually are the ancient bones of long-dead titanic creatures. Their great cities are composed of stone and ivory with wall studded with giant iron spikes, to deter some monsters from attacking the settlement. Those creatures that persist in their attack are usually skewered on the spikes and are harvested for meat and materials. [24] [25]

Fashion in the realm is represented with the colors often associated with Ghur, Browns and amber. But there are other colors, White and ivory of bone and the reds of blood. Fur is also common among Ghurish fashion. [24] [25]


Age of Myth

  • Flooding drives the Great Worms out of the cavernous depths beneath the Amber Steppes of Ghur and they begin to crawl across the Steppes, devouring everything in their path.[2]
  • Sigmar found Gorkamorka trapped within the amber mass of Drakatoa, the living avalanche that ruled Ghyrria in the Realm of Beasts. With the help of Dracothion, Sigmar managed to free the greenskin god and drive back Drakatoa. Pleased to be freed and infuriated for requiring aid he attacked Dracothion, knocking him senseless in a single blow. Sigmar was moved to ire and attacked the two-headed god. The sheer destructive power of this twelve-day battle shook the Mortal Realms and created the Mountains of Maraz and the Gouge Canyons. This battle drew many beasts, as sunwyrm and shaggoth stood side-by-side agog at his fury and destructive power. Eventually the two gods grew tired, observed their ruined surroundings and the audience of monsters, and laughed. Seeing a god that could match his own battle-lust, he clasped Sigmar's hand and agreed to fight alongside him.[8b] To keep Gorkamorka and his greenskins belligerent nature in check, the God-Council sent him into the wilds of the Mortal Realms to battle monstrous beasts and other innumerable threats.[8c] During his role of monster-hunter he cleared the Ghurland plains.[8a]

Age of Sigmar

As the Age of Sigmar began, many of Ghur's bone-strewn continents were covered in ash by glowing rain.[8d] Many Dawnbringer Crusades are launched in Ghur, especially in the continent of Thondia.[29a]



Ghur has 2 moons: Koptus and Gnorl Half-Eaten. According to legend, the 3rd month Dronsor was eaten by Ghur.[28a]

Other locations




Flora and Fauna


The Realmsphere Magic and spells associated with the realm of Ghurare known as Amber Spells.[26b][26c] The Realmstone is known as Amberbone.[29a]