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Ghoulslayer cover 001.jpg
Author(s) Darius Hinks
Cover Artist Johan Grenier
Released 2020
Pages 309
ISBN 978-1-78999 055 3

Ghoulslayer is a novel by Darius Hinks the tells the continuing story of Gotrek Gurnisson and his companions as they travel through the Realm of Shyish after the Necroquake.


This page contains spoilers for: Ghoulslayer

The story begins with Gotrek seeking to confront Nagash, accompanied reluctantly by Maleneth Witchblade and the damaged Stormcast Eternal Trachos. They briefly stay in the town of Klemp before it is engulfed by a Bonestorm and then a horde of Crypt Ghouls.

They travel to the previously hidden Morbium, a Amethyst Princedom seeking a way to travel to Nagash, but are caught up in the invasion of the kingdom by the Flesh-Eater Court of King Galan. As they fight to protect themselves and the inhabitants, Gotrek will find much more than he expected.


You are brave and honourable, but....Perhaps, like me, you can do more than just die with honour? I never expected to find anything of worth in these realms. People of worth. And now that I have found a thing of value, I wonder if there is a way to preserve it.

~Gotrek to Lord Aurun.