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The Ghoulship Ravenous

Ghoulships are powerful warships used by the Ghouls from the Isle of Ghouls. [1a]

The Golvarians on the island continue to live within the delusion that they are the noble rulers, their island a shining citadel and their capital. [1a]


Golvarian Ghoulships from the Isle of Ghouls patrol the Searing Sea, in their fantasies they are privateers, keeping the sea lanes safe. In reality, they raid the coasts and the sea lanes, claiming cargo, killing the crews of ships they encounter for food and also gathering lumber to make more galleons. [1a]


A huge ship constructed from salvaged timber with at least a dozen ragged sails. [1a]


There are gun ports for the powerful Ghost Cannons mounted on each side. [1b]


  • Crypt Bats: Swarms of these bats nest within the rafters and support timbers of the galleon and can be unleashed on an enemy ship by the captain to attack its crew. [1b]
  • Marines: These form the elite boarding parties, acting as the ships Marines. [1b]
  • Ghouls: These form the bulk of the crew,[1b] many are armed with rusted cutlsses. [1a]



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