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Ghosteater is an albino, lion-headed Beastlord who leads his people near the city of Caddow in the Realm of Shyish. [1]

Perhaps through a blessing of his deity, The Absent God he is able to devour and store the ghosts of enemies within him, accessing them for knowledge and insight. He is not able to do this with the undead whose souls are claimed by Nagash. [1a]


He is tall and powerful built, standing head and shoulders above any other Gor in the area, with six bud like horns rising through the great mane that surrounds his pale head. His eyes are red and his fangs thick, long and sharp in his wrinkled muzzle. He carries a bronze khopesh, claimed from the city and whose ghost taught him to wield it. [1a]


He has devoured the ghosts of Beastmen, Humans, Duardin, Skaven including:[1a]


Born an albino, his littermate Twistjaw had tried to crush his skull - however Ghosteater had killed him and devoured his ghost, the first of more than a hundred. [1a] Other siblings had been killed and eaten by his father and by the time he rose to command his tribe none remained. [1f]

Later, the tribes shaman had grown jealous of him and had in turn been killed, his ghost joining others within held him.[1a]

He became leader of his tribe and led them to wipe out, absorb and/or eat other weaker southern tribes of beastmen, before abasing himself before what he called the Blessed Ones - the mostly human Champions of Chaos that dwelt in and around the ancient ruins of Caddow. He had been planning to conquer more tribes and then perhaps dominate the whole area, maybe even take on the Blessed Ones in time for dominance. [1a]

However his ambitions were disrupted by the arrival of a force of Duardin of the Gazul-Zagaz who in turn were drawing the beastmen of the ruins to them in order that the Stormcast Eternals under Sathphren Swiftblade could destroy them. He and his ghosts saw through the trap and he captured one of the Stormcast, bringing him to the camps of the Blessed Ones. [1a]

He entered the presence of their leader, Bakhos who delegated his sage Vlad to speak to him, and who then passed on that the armies of Order were coming to Caddow. [1b] He and his herd were granted the honour of being in the vanguard of the attack but he quickly realised they were being used as little more than fodder but he and his ghosts also saw the trap being laid for the forces of Chaos and withdrew, saving an armoured champion as he did so. [1c] In the aftermath, he asked Bakhos to teach him his way of war, to assist him in uniting the tribes under his leadership, somewhat intrigued, he agreed, giving him Chaell, the warrior he had saved as a teacher. [1d]

Bakhos then offered him command over the remaining beastherds, but the Beastlord did not immediately accept, thinking it over and discussing with his ghosts, especially Herst who asked him why he served his god and obeyed the Blessed Ones at all. [1e] Later, Bakhos would proclaim him as leader of the beastmen tribes, investing him with his authority, but Ghosteater took the other gathered leaders to talk amongst themselves, confirming that he wanted to unite them for themselves not to serve the Blessed Ones. After he had killed another Beastlord, Manglepaw in a challenge, they acknowledged his words as they devoured the fallen Gor. [1f]

After the great champion Hulmean fell in battle he claimed all the beastmen that had survived and let Bakhos know that the defenders of the city has sent out an expedition across the Sea of Dust on a ancient dust-barque. as the beastlord had expected he set off in pursuit, but also named Ghosteater as commander of the armies in his absence. [1g] Once the Leopard in summer had left, he began to expend the remaining Blessed Ones in small scale attacks, uncaring of their success of failure and ordered the leaders of the horde to join him in a council.[1h]

A council he never attended, even as the thirty mighty Lords of Chaos gathered, he was taking their beastmen chattel from them and slaughtering their witches - He left it to Chaell to speak to them. Ghosteater had been listening more and more to the ghost of Palento Herst, gathering books and scrolls and tasting cooked meat. As he had anticpated the Stormcast did not wait for further attacks but launched a night time attack on the vast encampment - he ordered his Gor's not to interfere, to withdraw from the conflict and the ruins. In time he knew his beasts would grow stronger, wiser - able to challenge any that they might have to fight.[1i]

Three days after the forces of Order had secured Caddow, he and his warband found a lone Priest of Sigmar travelling alone, partly at the behest of the ghost of Herst he did not immediately slay and devour him. Instead he asked the priest, Cullen Twayn to tell him of his god, then he would tell him of his stating And we shall see what will be. [1j]


We rule, but only where you - where the Blessed Ones - do not wish to. You take our kingdoms from us when it suits you, and devour our young. You herd us into battle, and take the eyes of the gods from us. That is not the way it should be. We are more than meat. More than beasts. We are the children of the gods, no less than you. Now we will prove it.

~Ghosteater to Chaell .[1e]


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