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The Ghorvorasc was a giant ill-tempered creature from the depths of the ocean with many tentacles which had a fortress-city, a Black Ark known as the Eternity of Torment built atop and into it.[1a] It bore some resemblance to cephalopods, but on a vaster scale, with more tentacles, an armoured body and two drive fins that could propel it and the Eternity of Torment at high speed, more than ships far smaller than itself. [1b]

Over the centuries it had suffered many wounds, great and small and it was infested by swarms of creatures, like Brine-Slugs and Corpse Crawlers, that feasted on rotten, dead flesh, filth or rubbish disposed by the city. Many swarms of lesser predatory creatures followed this creature consuming the feast of corpses it and its inhabitants left in its wake.[1b][1c]

The city had a feeding pit, located on one of its mouths, used to throw a vast quantity of food needed by the Ghorvorasc. It would prove to be the weak point of the city when the Heart of Winter was thrown into the vast maw, turning the gigantic creature to ice and in its death throes it tore the city-ship apart. [1d]