Ghorun Thrax

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Ghorun Thrax is the Lord of Khorne who rules over the Bloodbound warhorde known as The Flayed.[1a]

Appearance and Abilities

Lord Thrax is a pale giant of a man, even by the standards of the Bloodbound. He does not speak except in battle, and even then he only shouts oaths and curses in a strange and ancient language that none of his mortal followers can understand. Only Daemons of Khorne seem to be able to understand the meaning in his roaring, but his shouts inspire the Flayed to frenzy all the same.[1a]


During his warhorde's siege of the Ossiarch fortress of the Arx Terminus, he led an assault that breached the walls and made it into the central tower, the Mortarch's Seat. He cut down two Morghast Archai within the tower, but blasts of necromantic magic from defending deathmages withered the flesh of his right arm and part of his face, which weakened him enough that he was driven from the tower and back over the walls of the fortress. While he survived the fall from the walls, the loss of his leadership led to the Flayed's discipline collapsing, and the frenzied Bloodbound warriors were driven away by the disciplined Mortek soldiers defending the fortress.[1a]


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