Ghorraghan Khai

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Ghorraghan Khai is a Bray-shaman and a zealous worshipper of Morghur that leads the Butcher-herd.[3]


In the Realm of Ghyran, Ghorraghan Khai faces off against another Gor-kin Chieftain Mortharg Tar. Khai uncharacteristically talks to the chieftain instead of attacking claiming that he was guided by the Shadowgave who had told him about the chief. Instead of the two herds battling Khai challenged his rival to equal his raids against the Sylvaneth which was accepted by Tar.[2]

During the raids, the land quaked and the Sylvaneth began to sing causing the beastmen to collapse in pain, but ultimately the tree-folk were butchered. Khai realized that Alarielle was preparing the Rite of Life and guided by the Shadowgave amassed an army to foil the Everqueen's plan.[2]

Despite launching a large attack backed by the Dirgehorn which managed to inflict heavy casualties on the Sylvaneth, the Rite of Life was completed. Khai launched an attack on the Everqueen herself but was no match against the Goddess and was forced to retreat as newly born Warsong Revenants launched a devastating sonic attack against the Beastmen.[3]


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