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Gerot is a priest of Nagash from the city of Morrsend [1]


An old man clad in heavy dark robes, bearing a staff that is surmounted by a smoking censor in the shape of an hourglass. [1]


In the Age of Sigmar he was leading a caravan of pilgrims travelling to the temple of the Order of Final Rest in the Blood Wastes. They were attached by Khorne Bloodbound and rescued by Stormcast Eternals under Lord-Celestant Tarsus Bull-Heart and more reluctantly, Mannfred von Carstein. [1]

He and the other pilgrims then waited at the temple for them to return from their pursuit to tend to them until they could return to their contemplations. [1]


We bid you greetings, restful brother, we come from Morrsend to honour the old debt and deliver our tithe, as we swore in bygone days

~ Gerot to brother Markus.[1]