Geomantic Nexus

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Geomantic Nexuses are places of power found scattered across all eight of the Mortal Realms.[1]


Geomantic Nexuses can be found anywhere throughout the Mortal Realms, with most being found near the Realm's Edges, or the Nadir in the case of the Realm of Shyish.[1]

Magical Properties

A Geomantic Nexus is a place of power where the magical energy of a Mortal Realm flows in incredible abundance.[1]


The Dawnbringer Crusades of the Free Peoples are often sent forth from the Cities of Sigmar to found new settlements, known as Sigmarite Strongpoints, on the Geomantic Nexuses of the Mortal Realms.[2a][3a] Special devices known as Nexus Syphons are placed over specific places in a Geomantic Nexus known as a Nexus Point, and at the heart of these fledgling towns, that redirect the geomantic magic of the area into the Guardian Idols that surround the town. These idols create barriers that ward off daemons and gheists.[3a]

The Dread Mace wielded by Kragnos, the God of Earthquakes, was forged from an ancient rock that the deity pulled up from the largest Geomantic Nexus in the Realm of Ghur.[4a]

During the Age of Chaos, many of these Nexuses have become corrupted by Chaos energy. The Lumineth Realm-lords often deploy their floating Shrine Luminors above such ravaged lands. Their consecrating energies cleansing the nexus, and calming the land.[5a]