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Genevieve Dieudonné was a vampire of the Lahmian Bloodline in the World that Was and is now a vampire in the Realm of Shyish. [1]


Pale skinned and slender with dark hair [1c] and deep grey eyes. [1d]


Genevieve had been heeding her warnings about the Mhurgast when she was trapped by its heralds and tormented by them before being locked away in madness. [1e]

She was summoned back into the Mortal Realms by the sorceress Edrea Gothghul [1a] who was seeking the Fourfold Herald and information on the Mhurghast and the Path of the Fallen Four. When she appeared however, Genevieve was ravenous and tried to feed on Edrea but the sorceress matched her will, using her magic to sooth her so that the vampire pulled her teeth out of her arm and curled up against her. [1b]

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Dusk is falling, candle-flickers, and I only grow stronger when it does. But in truth, yes you can trust me. The Fallen Four will extinguish all life in all realms, and they are only the harbingers of what will come afterwards. Mhurghast will eat the stars themselves. I may have done things thou findest unimaginable over the centuries, I may be crueller and more and more indifferent than anyone thou hast ever met, but the Heralds are as far above me as I am above you. And after all, children, if they kill all life, who will I eat?

~ Genevieve Dieudonné.[1f]


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