Geminids of Uhl-Gysh

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The Geminids of Uhl-Gysh is a predatory Endless Spell drawn from the twilight demi-realm of Uhl-Gysh, found between Hysh and Ulgu. These twinned entities, one of darkest shadow the other of pure and piercing light light, lash with the raw magic, alternating between annihilating the flesh and filling the mind with horrific lies and unbearable truths. Despite their polar opposite natures, each of these orbs of raw magic are equally destructive. Similar to the realmsphere of the realms their magic comes from, they are locked in orbit around each other.[1][2]


A wizard can balance the opposing forces of the aether, the twilight energies of Uhl-Gysh, to conjure the Geminids. A single point glowing increasingly brighter until it becomes a orb of pure light. At the same time in another point on the battlefield colour is completely drained until a sphere of utter darkness is formed. After being summoned they are then sent spinning towards the foe. [1][2]


Geminids orbit one, spinning around on elliptical paths, another as they race across the battlefield. The tendrils of twilight that trail behind each orb, occasionally connect with each other only to come free again as the Geminids sling-shot away once more.[1][2]

The Shadow Geminid is a sphere of utter darkness, much like an impenetrable shroud, that leaves in its wake illusions that take the form of miasmatic clouds that continually shape and reshape themselves to form deceptive images of looming enemies and despairing allies. Those hit by the shadow spell are engulfed in pure darkness while their senses are rendered numb – sights, sounds and even the passage of time disappear as they sunk ever deeper into endless gloom. Phantasmal tentacles made out of malevolent and swirling blackness surround and seep through the entrapped victims, painfully eroding their souls and sanity. Few survive becoming mere wisps of smoke, and those who do are driven completely mad by their seemingly unending isolation. Those few that do endure the Shadow Geminid find themselves back on the battlefield with only the briefest of moments having passed since they were captured. But the clangour of combat is like thunder after an eternity of silence and the sudden influx of sensory information leaves these victims reeling, temporarily stunned and vulnerable. In Ulgu the Shadow Geminid is empowered by the shadow magics of the realm and its effects become even more lethal.[1][2]

The Light Geminid is a orb of pure light, much like a blinding star, that leaves behind flittering mirages of allies and loved ones, instilling the beholder with hope. Those struck by the light spell are bathed in rays so bright that the skin, flesh and bones of all but the most pure are bleached from existence. These same rays pierce the victims' thoughts, filling them with unfathomable knowledge in a singular moment, crushing the weak-willed with the impossible weight of this information, while those more robust of mind experience a fleeting instance of blissful omniscience. Those that survive are cast out from the luminous sphere as quickly as they were engulfed. The ocean of knowledge they so recently held ebbs away from their grasp, becoming steadily more vague, like a receding dream. This sudden absence renders their mind temporarily barren, unable to focus on the simplest of tasks. In the Realm of Hysh the spell become even more infused with Hyshian energies and becomes even stronger.[1][2]