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The Geldraad, high council of Admirals, is the highest ruling council of the Kharadron Overlords with delegates from the six wealthiest sky-ports plus a single delegate from a different minor port every 25 shifts of the Strahlstrom.[1d][2c][6a] The sky-port holding the most seats is said to have the ‘Steering Hand’.[1d]

It is the Geldraad that holds a monopoly over the alteration of the Kharadron Code.[1b] As the supreme ruling body of the greatest aerial empire the realms has ever known, the Geldraad remains ever adaptable to the changing times in order to ensure the unabated prosperity of those they rule. To achieve this, the Geldraad proactively amends the Code and doesn’t hesitate to secure new guild-contracts or to organise new Musterpresses on a grand scale if the situation requires it.[1c] The Geldraad is also to be credited for negotiating the alliance between the Kharadron Overlords and the armies of the God-King.[4]

Location of the floating isle of Madralta.


Even though the founding moment of the Geldraad remains unstated, it is known that the inner workings of kharadron society were established during Conference of Madralta.[1a] Taking place on the floating island of the same name, this historic council saw the leaders of more than seven sky-ports maintain an uneasy truce in order to put an early end to the Time of Reaving, an era in which competition over aether-gold reserves led to an ever-increasing level of warfare amongst the various sky-ports.[2b] It is thus at Madralta and on the verge of an all-out civil war that would spell disaster for the nascent civilisation, that the Kharadron Overlords were united under the same laws, which were inscribed in the Kharadron Code.[2b] This constitutional document was conceived by those duardins present at the Conference of Madralta by expanding upon naval laws initially designed to maintain discipline aboard skyvessels.[1a] The resulting nine articles covered every facet of Kharadron society, from the overall governance of their now-united sky-empire to the personal freedom of its citizens.[1a] Therefore, the Geldraad, as the highest ruling body of the Kharadron Empire, could only have been formed following, or during, the Conference of Madralta.


The Geldraad is composed of delegates from the six wealthiest sky-ports.[1d] The number of delegates provided by the various sky-ports is determined by capital, itself measured in aether-gold shares.[1d] With currently six seats, Barak-Nar maintains the so-called ‘Steering Hand’, allowing its delegates to ensure the best interests of their sky-port.[3]

The disparition of Barak-Zhoff

It is currently unknown how much capital and delegates the Geldraad owned before Barak-Zhoff vanished, but Barak-Zhoff was the second strongest sky-port in the Geldraad after Barak-Nar.[5] After the vanishing of Barak-Zhoff, Barak-Thryng became a Member of the Geldraad. [5]

Composition of the Geldraad after the disparition of Barak-Zhoff and before the Garaktormun
Sky-ports Capital (aether-gold shares)[2c] Delegates on the Geldraad[2c]
Barak-Nar 307,620,967 7
Barak-Zilfin 102,300,678 4
Barak-Zon 54,000,000 3
Barak-Urbaz 46,412,890 2
Barak-Mhornar 26,806,212 1
Barak-Thryng 173,000 1
TOTAL 537,313,747 18

Impact of the Garaktormun (Necroquake)

Impact of the Garaktormun
Sky-ports Capital (aether-gold shares) Delegates on the Geldraad
Pre-Garaktormun[2c] Post-Garaktormun[1d] gain/loss Pourcentage gained or lost Delegates Pre-Garaktormun[2c] Delegates Post-Garaktormun[1d] gain/loss
Barak-Nar 307,620,967 296,132,947 -11,488,020 -3.73% 7 6 -1
Barak-Zilfin 102,300,678 152,753,191 +50,452,513 +49.32% 4 5 +1
Barak-Zon 54,000,000 38,653,342 -15,346,658 -28.42% 3 2 -1
Barak-Urbaz 46,412,890 25,716,102 -20,696,788 -44.59% 2 1 -1
Barak-Mhornar 26,806,212 92,114,885 +65,308,673 +243.63% 1 3 +2
Barak-Thryng 173,000 823,500 +650,500 +376.01% 1 1 n/a
TOTAL 537,313,747 606,193,967 +68,880,220 +12.82% 18 18 n/a

After the Necroquake

Following the Garaktormun, kharadron term for the Necroquake meaning ‘Great Gale of Death’[1e], no less than seventeen amendments were passed after long debates.[1a] Despite sustaining catastrophic losses that would have certainly crippled other, non-proactive, civilisations, the swift actions of the Geldraad in securing new guild-contracts to replace the lost skyvessels and organising new Musterpresses on a grand scale to reinforce their diminished armed forces, allowed the Kharadron Overlords to not only survive the shyishian apocalypse, but to turn the tragedy into opportunity.[1c] It is no wonder that the period following the Garaktormun is referred to as the Gorak-drek, the ‘Great Venture’.[1c]

Current composition of the Geldraad
Sky-ports Capital (aether-gold shares)[1d] Delegates on the Geldraad[1d]
Barak-Nar 296,132,947 6
Barak-Zilfin 152,753,191 5
Barak-Mhornar 92,114,885 3
Barak-Zon 38,653,342 2
Barak-Urbaz 25,716,102 1
Barak-Thryng 823,500 1
TOTAL 606,193,967 18

Known Members


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