Gates of Dawn

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Gates of Dawn is a Realmgate found in the Ghyrtract Fen in Ghyran, standing atop a outcrop of stony stairs that dominated much of the fen. Many claim it was built by druidcasters in ancient times to make a pathway to the hollow sun they believed to be the Realm of Aqshy and it connected to that realm before it was corrupted by Nurgle into leading to the Sporefields in his Garden.[1]


At the beginning of the Age of Sigmar it was held by the Ghyrtribe under Lord Grelch which was building a tribute to Nurgle around it. Hallowed Knights destroyed the tribe, only for Bolathrax to climb out of the portal and summon vast Daemon legions to protect the gate. Lord-Celestant Gardus jumped into the gate to try and destroy it from within, only for the newly-engorged bulk of Greater Daemon to do so as he tried to follow the Stormcast.[1]