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Garrek Gorebeard miniature.

Garrek Gorebeard is the chieftain of a murderous band of Bloodreavers, called Garrek's Reavers, of the Goretide. He earned the title of Gorebeard after ascending to his position by biting the throat of a rival, staining and matting his beard in blood.[1][2i][3a][3b]


On the battlefield, Garrek is a whirlwind of unsuppressed violence, fighting to a drumbeat only the blood-maddened can hear.[2h] This is even more effective near icons and totems of Chaos, especially those of a Khornate nature.[3a][3b]

Garrek greatly enjoys taking grisly souvenirs from those he slays, like severed heads and scalps, and brandishes the fresh trophies to inspire his warriors. Beyond his enemies, he is also said to personally gut and skin his warriors if they fail to obtain a worthy trophy with each battle.[3a][3b]


Garrek wields a fearsome Blooddrinker Axe into combat.[2i][3a][3b]

As a Bloodreaver he rejects heavy armour so he can feel the blood of his foes splattering on his chest.[1]



Into them you dogs! The last to spill blood gets my axe in their belly!

~ Garrek Gorebeard.[2a]

He killed well. He died well. Khorne shall savour this offering.

~ Garrek Gorebeard.[2b]

What care we for worthless trinkets? Slaughter is all that matters.

~ Garrek Gorebeard.[2c]

That's a pretty face. I think I'll flay it and hang it from my belt.

~ Garrek Gorebeard.[2d]

Just us, then. Worry not, you'll join your butchered friends soon enough.

~ Garrek Gorebeard.[2e]

Don't know why he looked surprised when my axe found his neck. I told him his skull would be mine.

~ Garrek Gorebeard.[2f]

Pour all your fury into a single blow, and watch the blood fly.

~ Garrek Gorebeard.[2g]


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