Garrek's Reavers

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{{{3}}} Garrek's Reavers
Garrek's Reavers 01.png
Grand Alliance Chaos[5b]
Faction Blades of Khorne[5b]
Khorne Bloodbound[5b]
Sub-Faction Goretide[5b]
Leader Garrek Gorebeard
Members Blooded Saek
Karsus the Chained

Garrek's Reavers are a band of Bloodreavers from the Goretide led by the brutal killer known as Garrek Gorebeard. Like all Bloodbound, they are mortal warriors who have sworn themselves to Khorne, god of carnage and slaughter. Blinded by battle madness, lost to the exultant sensations of combat, they care for nothing but the kill. Gathering together in vast Warhordes, they maraud across the realms, butchering and despoiling in the name of their dark master. They are frenzied cannibals, mortals whose dark excesses have drawn them ever further into the thrall of the Blood God. They eschew heavy armour, preferring to feel the blood spatter across their chests, and chase their prey as tirelessly as hunting wolves.[2][5a][5b] Unlike many other warbands who journeyed to Shadespire, Garrek's Reavers are only interested in slaughter rather than the trinkets the lost city has to offer.[4a]


Garrek Gorebeard

Garrek Gorebeard, leader of the namesake Garrek's Reavers

Garrek Gorebeard is the leader of the warband. Harrek took over as chieftain of his murderous band after biting out the throat of his rival. The blood that flowed forth to stain and mat his beard earned him his fearsome title.[3a] On the battlefield, Garrek is a whirlwind of unsuppressed violence, fighting to a drumbeat only the blood-maddened can hear.[4e] During Garrek's time in the Mirrored City, he had been slain at least three times by the mysterious Chaos Warrior Zuvass.[6a]

Blooded Saek

Blooded Saek is a Bloodreaver who has lost himself entirely to the red rage of Khorne. The only sounds that pass his lips are bestial growls, and the blood-chilling screams let loose as he hurls himself into the thick of battle.[3b]

Karsus the Chained

Karsus the Chained was a former slave, until he used his shackles to choke the life from his masters. He bears his chains still, attached to a many-notched axe that has claimed many skulls for Khorne. His frenzied screams of battle-lust are enough to shake the will of even the sturdiest foes.[3c]


Targor is a recent addition to the ranks of Garrek's Reavers, a member of a conquered tribe who chose to walk the path of skulls rather than suffer a slow, torturous death.[3d] He claims to have once opened the throats of three duardin with a single swing during battle at Dredgard Ridge.[4d]


Arnulf is a Bloodreaver armed with an axe and blade, preferring to focus his foe's attention on his axe before piercing them with his blade.[4b]



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