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A winged Gargoylian and a Gargoylian Mascot representing two types of common Gargoylian forms

Gargoylians, or Gargoylians of the Faithful, are mysterious chimeric creatures that appear around forces of the Cities of Sigmar and Dawnbringer Crusaders, especially pious Sigmarites.[1]


Gargoylians first arose in the wake of the Rite of Life, appearing in the midst of large groupings of Sigmar's faithful. It is believed, with truth behind each claim, that they are kin to the Incarnates that rise across the Mortal Realms, are attracted to the scent of faith, and are manifestations of the rage of the Realms.[2a]


They come in all shapes and sizes ranging from quadrupeds to small ambulatory shells.[1]

Mascot Gargoylians

Gargoylians have largely become a tolerated part of life in the Cities of Sigmar, with many of the military regiments of the Free Cities taking the Gargoylians that follow them as unofficial mascots.[1][2a]

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