Garden of Nurgle

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Garden of Nurgle is Nurgle's domain in the Realm of Chaos.[1]

The garden has foetid lakes made out of gelid filth. There are many corrupted realmgates dotting Nurgle's garden.[2]

Horticolous Slimux is the Garden's Grand Cultivator and he makes sure the Plaguebearers cultivate things right.[2]



Hidden deep within Nurgle's great garden are the Sporefields. This oozing spawning grounds give birth to the Plaguefather's most beloved poxes. The Gates of Dawn in Realm of Ghyran was corrupted to lead here before it was destroyed by Bolathrax trying to squeeze through it.[1]


  • Lower Festerfields: A place ploughed by Horticolous after he returned from slaughtering the Zintalis tribe.[2]
  • Pestilent Pastures: A noisome wood and the last known location of Rotigus after Horticolous heard the portents of death. There is a ridge of bone that overlooks it. It was briefly invaded by the Daemons of Tzeentch and a spur of the Crystal Labyrinth.[2]


Fauna and Flora

  • Gnawfly: These creatures minds are filled thoughts of filth and food and where it might find both. The creatures add their filth to the lakes found around the Garden of Nurgle and are eaten by Plaguebearers.[2]
  • Plaguefly: The flies grown by Horticolous Slimux and often act as his spies and agents.[2]
  • Moanwillows: Sighing trees found around the Garden's filthy lakes.[2]
  • Rustgrass: Creaking grass found around the Garden's filthy lakes.[2]
  • Rot-blossom: One of the many plants cultivated by Horticolous.[2]
  • Wytherbloom:One of the many plants cultivated by Horticolous.[2]


Sometimes the Crystal Labyrinth of Tzeentch send a spur into Nurgle's domain, a strange maw that spilled Tzeentchian daemons with the intent of claiming portions of the realm.[2]