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Garbog is an heavily-scarred Orruk Brute of the Da Choppas warclan. He is also one of the Daggboyz, the most trusted and veteran followers of Overboss Ka-rokk, the leader of the warclan.[1a]


Age of Sigmar

He was sent to secure an alliance with the local grot tribes, probably because he had displeased Ka-rokk in some way. After much searching, he found some grots around Lake Retch by falling into some caverns. After encountering some grots and one of his Kruleboyz guides letting slip that the Waagh! was heading to the strongpoint of Brinnock, the grots agreed to join the attack. Garbog returned to the Waaagh!, but left some of the Kruleboyz behind to find out the extent of the caverns around the lake.[1a]


He, like the rest of the Daggboyz, wears navy armour covered in chequered patterns and triangular "dags".[2a]