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Galthar-Baraz is a holy crusade declared against an enemy that has withheld Ur-Gold from a Fyreslayer Lodge or Magmaholds in one way or another. Such events can only be declared by an Auric Runemaster.[1a]

Festivities Associated With Galthar-Baraz

The anniversary of the first Galthar-Baraz, declared during the Battle of the Gilded Skull, is observed by the Fyreslayers as a time to mull over unsettled grudges and blood feuds.[1a]


The first Galthar-Baraz was declared by Auric Runemaster Kurbaz during the Battle of the Gilded Skull. It's target was a Herald of Khorne who, though banished, escaped to the Realm of Chaos with many Ur-Gold trophies. The event is well-known to all Fyreslayers and its anniversary serves as a time of brooding over unsettled feuds and grudges.[1a]