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Galene is an Ulguan Witch Aelf belonging to the Draichi Ganeth sect of Daughters of Khaine.[1]


This page contains spoilers for: Galene of Ulgu (short story)

Galene was born in the Realm of Shadows. As a child she was lost in the shadows of Ulgu, but was found and taken in by the Daughters of Khaine. The temple trained her as Witch aelf and sent her along with her war coven to live and fight in Ghyran, where they established a small shrine in the Free City Greywater Fastness, battling the enemies of the Order and lending their blades to their cities allies.[1]

Decades afterwards her shrine sent Galene along side two Khainite war covens to aid their Greycap and Freeguild allies at the swamps around Greywater Fastness to defend the satellite settlements from legions of Nagash invading the land and the villages. Her war coven and human allies were utterly overwhelmed and destroyed by their present enemy, the necromancer Carthum Malicius, and were raised as undead to bolster his growing army of the dead.[1]

Galene was saved from the brink of death by a surviving human Greycap captain. She now being the only survivor of her war coven, she swore to have a vengeance on the necromancer for daring to raise her coven sisters as undead against her. She promised to help the Greycap captain to safely reach Greywater Fastness to sound a warning about the impending doom, should he first help her with destroying the necromancer.[1]

The aelf and captain trailed the necromancer and his army of the dead, and found several human survivors hidden along the road. After conversing with them for a while about the situation, the two diverged from the survivors and continued onwards to fetch a small stash of magical bullets from one of the villages for the captain's rifle. The captain had used all of his special ammunition in the earlier confrontations and gravely needed more to be able to harm the Nighthaunt.[1]

Afterwards Galene and the Greycap captain finally found Carthum Malicius and his corpse cart in one of the villages and attacked the necromancer. The Witch aelf carved her path through the undead towards the necromancer, while the captain desperately fended off the Nighthaunt gathering around Galene with shots from his rifle. The necromancer gathered power for a harmful spell against Galene, but the Greycap captain took a shot from the rooftops of the village houses at the necromancer, interrupting his spell and drawing his ire. The foe now distracted, Galene used the opportunity to plunge her blades to his chest and rip it open, killing the necromancer, but not before in his death throes he manages to sling a destructive spell towards the Greycap captain.[1]

After the collapse of the undead and a momentarily celebration Galene found out in shock that the captain is laying dead on the ground. Soon after the dead captain started to reform into a wraith of Nagash. Galene quickly picked up the captain's rifle nearby and took a shot at the captain's new form floating in the air towards the dark storm gathering in the skies. Due to not being proficient with such an unfamiliar weapon to her, the shot misses widely and she notices that the rifle had now only one bullet left. Screaming in frustration, Galene decides to not waste the last bullet in vain attempt as the captain's wraith flees in the distance and vanishes into the sky.[1]

Briefly after another war coven from her temple appears into the aftermath, ready to reinforce the defense and strike against the forces of Nagash, only to find out that Galene had already taken care of the present threat. They enthusiastically wish for Galene to return to their temple for a proper celebration as she is now seen as a hero of sorts, but Galene declines her sisters. She had failed to uphold her promise to the human captain to bring him safely to his home, whereas the captain had successfully upheld his promise of helping her destroy the necromancer, she ultimately leaves her sisters and swears to learn to use the captain's rifle and grant him his final rest with the last remaining bullet.[1]


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