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King Galan was a Abhorrant Ghoul King [1]



Following the Necroquake, he was convinced that his kingdom was suffering from a rebellion and so led his army, the Hounds of Dinann against it, although he was actually attacking Morbium, a previously hidden Amethyst Princedom.[1a]

As he reached the capital of the land, he believed he was ascending to become the Wolf Lord. [1c] However at his moment of triumph his queen was attacked by the Slayer, Gotrek Gurnisson and slew her Terrorgheist sending it crashing to the ground. [1d] As she was dying, Galan toughed her wedding ring, said his goodbyes and turned to take venegance on what he thought was a rebel, unleshing the power of his sword, enveloping him in shadows as he moved forward to cut him down. However he was then impaled by the blades of Maleneth Witchblade and died whispering his queens name with his last breath. [1e]


He and his court worshiped the Great Wolf, an aspect of Nagash, but knew other dieties such as the goddess Netona. [1b]

Weapons and Equipment

He carries an ancient magical Longsword, Rancour, imbued with power by his Shadow Priests.[1c]


Surrender your arms! I am no tyrant. Handle yourselves with dignity and you can live. The battle is over. The Hounds of Dinann are not savages. There need be no slaughter.

~ King Galan (sadly his words are actually howls and growls from his rotting, ravaged throat).[1a]


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