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Name Description Notes
Igneous Plate A plate that melts the blades of those that strike it. It retains the fires of its forging making it very painful to its wearer.
Ancestor Rune During the Age of Myth many great wyrms were slain with this rune.
Obsidian Coronet A lustrous helm that absorbs the burning glow of nearby runes and increases their range. It's carved from pure volcanic glass.
Volcanic Rune Weapons bearing this rune caused the blood of those slain by it to erupt with the burning fury of a Magmadroth.
Ash-Plume Sigil By chanting the name of this rune calls down a column of choking soot that stops the flow of foul magic.
Meteoric Axe A blade that when hurled skywards it descends back upon ones enemies with the force of a falling star. It is said to have been forged by Ignoset, the living volcano.


Name Type Wielders Notes
Berzerker Broadaxe Axes Hearthguard Berzerker
Flamestrike Poleaxe Axes Hearthguard Berzerker
Fyresteel Handaxe Axes Vulkite Berzerker
Fyresteel Throwing Axe Throwing weapons Auric Hearthguard
Auric Runemaster
Hearthguard Berzerker
Vulkite Berzerker
Fyresteel War-pick Picks Vulkite Berzerker
Magmapike Runic weapon Auric Hearthguard
Runic Iron Picks Auric Runemaster


Name Type Users Notes
Bladed Slingshield Shield Vulkite Berzerker
Ornate Drake Helm Armor Fyreslayers
Ur-Gold Runes Rune Fyreslayers
Brazier Staff Staff Auric Runemaster
Horn of Grimnir Musical Instruments Vulkite Berzerkers

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