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The Fyrdhand Lodge was a Fyreslayer lodge that was consumed by what is believed to be the first mass case of glimmerlust.[1a][3a]


Age of Chaos

  • Maddened by lust for ur-gold, the Fyrdhand turn on their Runemaster. This removes the moderating influence of the Zharrgrim high priest, and their madness only grows worse.[1a]
  • The Fyrdhand become a scourge across Aqshy for decades, raiding other lodges to take their ur-gold. They steal the runes from the dead and do not observe the appropriate funerary rites. They even ransack the forge temples of the magmaholds they attack.[2a]
  • Eventually, Vostarg lead an army comprised of fyrds from a dozen lodges to end the Fyrdhand threat. The alliance brings the rogue lodge to battle and defeats them. The Fyrdhand Runefather is buried alive beneath molten slag as punishment for the dishonour his lodge has brought upon Grimnir.[2a]