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Fyrds are the armies of the Fyreslayers.[1a]



Every fyrd is ultimately responsible to the Auric Runefather of its parent lodge, and in turn it is the Runefather's responsibility to ensure that the warriors of the fyrd are provided with appropriate training and equipment, as well as housing within the walls of his magmahold. The Runefather, as patron of the fyrd, can always take direct command, but in practice most fyrds are delegated to one of his Runesons or another worthy member of the lodge. Only when a fyrd is given an especially important task - such as defence of the hold or an unusually lucrative mercenary contract - does the Runefather routinely assume command. In these cases, the fyrd is often called a Grand or Royal Fyrd.[1a]


The leader of the fyrd is supported by a number of officers made of the lodge's champions and the Zharrgrim priesthood. Often, the champions will be Runesons (or other Runesons, if the leader is a Runeson) to vie for glory and command detachments, as well as one or more Battlesmiths to record the feats accomplished by the fyrd and to keep morale up by recalling the lodge's past glories.[1a][1b]


Any Grimwrath Berzerkers or wandering Doomseekers are nominally under the command of the leader of the fyrd, but in truth they are independent auxiliaries who follow their battle-instincts rather than waiting for orders from above. The skill exhibited by these rune-blessed warriors far outweighs their unpredictability, though, and they are valued parts of the fyrd and inspirations to the lodge's warriors.[1a][1b]


The elite warriors of the Hearthguard are charged with the protection of the leadership of the lodge and the Zharrgrim, and so they join fyrds in battle to ensure no harm comes to their charges. Their skill at arms and unbreakable wills make them valuable parts of the fyrd's battle line.[1a][1c]

The main body of a fyrd is made up of the professional warriors of the Vulkite Berzerkers. They charge into battle with a fierce joy under the blasts from their horns of Grimnir.[1a][1c]


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